Procedures to Form Indiana LLC

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Starting an Indiana LLC

An Indiana LLC is a formal structure that protects your home, car, and bank account in case your business is sued.

An LLC can be used to run a business or hold assets like real estate, cars, boats, or planes.

It’s easy to make an LLC. Find your Indiana Registered Agent by looking up your LLC’s name in the state’s database.

Please put in your Articles of Organisation for your LLC in Indiana and wait for the state to accept it.

If you file your LLC by mail, the state will charge you $100, and it will take five business days to be approved (plus the time it takes to get there). If you file your LLC online, the state will charge you $95, which will take one working day to get approved.

After your LLC is accepted, finish your LLC Operating Agreement and get your EIN Number (also called a Federal Tax ID Number) from the IRS. Check to see if your small business needs an Indiana Business Licence or any other permits to run.

To keep your Indiana LLC in good standing, you must also file an  LLC Business Entity Report every two years. If you file by paper, the fee is $50. If you file online, the price is $31. And make sure every year that your company pays its Indiana LLC Taxes.

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