Procedures to Form Hawaii LLC

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Hawaii LLC:

A Hawaii Articles of Organization (by mail or online) and pay the $51 state filing fee ($50 filing fee + $1 storage fee).

Learn more about fees by looking at LLC Costs in Hawaii.

After your Hawaii LLC is approved:

  1. Fill out your Hawaii LLC Operating Agreement.
  2. File a Hawaii LLC Annual Report ($15) annually to keep your LLC in good standing. Pay any Hawaii LLC Taxes and file federal taxes as needed.
  3. Get your Hawaii LLC’s Federal Tax ID Number (also called an EIN) from the IRS.

Find out what kind of Hawaii Business License your Hawaii LLC needs to run. And every year for as long as your LLC is in business:

The Hawaii Working Registration Department will take 7–10 working days to approve your LLC.

It will take 7–10 working days for your LLC to be approved, and you won’t have to wait for the mail.

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